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Caring for a cat with hyperthyroidism (2016) (download only)

Dr Sarah Caney

£8.99 E-book (PDF)

This limited edition is proudly sponsored by Norbrook® Laboratories Limited, manufacturers of THYRONORM® Oral Solution for Cats. Please note that this edition is only available as a Download.

An 88 page fully illustrated book aimed at cat owners and veterinary professionals, updated July 2016.

Hyperthyroidism is one of the most common cat illnesses and most often affects elderly cats. Caring for a cat with hyperthyroidism has been written as an information source and support tool primarily aimed at owners whose cats have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. It is designed to be the perfect resource for cat owners but is a useful tool for vet students, veterinary nurses and technicians. The book explains what hyperthyroidism is, how it is diagnosed and what the various treatment options are. The emotional as well as the medical aspects of coping with a cat with hyperthyroidism are discussed with a lot of practical advice on all aspects of care. Caring for a cat with hyperthyroidism contains a detailed glossary of terms commonly used by vets and several case reports illustrating how successful treatment can be.
The newly revised third edition contains more information on testing for hyperthyroidism, subclinical hyperthyroidism (what this is and how to diagnose it), the importance of hypothyroidism, monitoring your cat's bodyweight at home and use of newer treatment options such as THYRONORM®, a liquid antithyroid medication.