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Feline Interactive: online case and discussion based CPD for general practitioners

Dr Sam Taylor and Dr Sarah Caney

£240 (including VAT)

Venue: Online

This online course is designed for veterinarians with an interest in advancing their feline medicine knowledge and skills and is equivalent to 6 hours CPD in total.

This recording was made during a Live and Online CPD course on September 21st 2022 where Sam and Sarah delivered lectures focussing on chronic kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, FIP diagnosis and treatment. This course is ideal for clinicians looking for the answers to these questions and more:

  • Hyperthyroidism: what’s new?
  • Diagnosing hyperthyroidism when it’s not straightforward: what approach works best?
  • Chronic kidney disease: are you doing all you can for your patients?
  • What are the latest tips for support of long-term patients?
  • How can I be certain this cat has FIP – which tests offer best value for money and which should I skip?
  • What is the current understanding regarding use of legal antivirals for FIP in the UK?

As a member of the FIP Advice team, Sam Taylor shares up to the minute advice and tips on innovations in treatment of FIP in the UK.