Specialist Feline Clinics

Dr Sarah Caney is one of only fourteen RCVS recognised Specialists in Feline Medicine working in the UK. Sarah’s Specialist training involved an extra 6 years at University during which she obtained a PhD (studying feline immunodeficiency virus infection) and two post-graduate qualifications in feline medicine including the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons’ Diploma in Small Animal Medicine (Feline), a qualification held by less than ten vets in the world.  

Sarah’s career has involved more than twenty years of feline-only clinical work and she has worked in both University Specialist hospitals and in private practice.

Dr Caney provides clinical support to cat owners through offering:

Appointments at Nantwich Pet Vets Hospital

Telephone/Zoom referral appointments

Nantwich Pet Vets, Medivet 24 hour clinic

Sarah is lead feline medicine clinician at Nantwich Pet Vets (NPV) and generally sees cases on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Registered clients at NPV can request an appointment with Sarah directly. Sarah hopes to expand her services to referred feline patients later in 2023.



One of the most magical memories of 2022 was the hope you gave us with Misty and the amazing care and support, teaching us how to look after her with KD.

It has been a God send, she has put on weight, her test results have improved and she is thriving on your fantastic treatment plan.

We are so grateful to you and your team and would like to wish you all a very happy new year.

Simone & Mark, Misty's owners

Typically, cats seeing Sarah will be assessed with the following tests:

Detailed history taking

Dr Caney will collect information on your cat and any symptoms of ill health they may have. The history is a vital part of the assessment and in complicated cases this can take 30-40 minutes to collect.

Clinical examination

Your cat will be examined from top to toe to look for clues as to the cause of their illness and any complicating features.

Blood tests

Blood tests are often needed to confirm a diagnosis and assess the severity of a condition.


Urine analysis

Assessment of a urine sample is a vital component of the assessment, especially in older cats where kidney and thyroid problems are common. Samples can be collected with the cat at home or in the clinic and for many tests, the results are available instantly.


X-rays and ultrasound examination can be very helpful in assessing cats with medical problems and provide a non-invasive way of learning more about the cat’s health.

Blood pressure assessment

High blood pressure (systemic hypertension) is common in older cats and is a cause of serious complications such as blindness, stroke and even death. Blood pressure measurement involves similar techniques to those used in people and this is a procedure which only takes a few minutes to perform in the consulting room. High blood pressure is treatable with oral medications.

Telephone/Zoom referral appointments

Cat Professional offers a telephone/Zoom referral appointment service to pet owners at a cost of £400 + VAT (£480 in total). This service includes an initial one-hour telephone/Zoom consultation with Dr Sarah Caney, production of a detailed report for owners and their vet, one follow-up phone/Zoom consultation and email support for one month following the initial consultation. Further support is available at an additional fee. Pet owners wishing to pursue this option should follow these steps:

  1. obtain permission from your vet to pursue a telephone/Zoom consultation with Dr Sarah Caney.
  2. ask your vet to email all of your cat’s clinical records (including copies of original laboratory reports, where applicable) to Dr Sarah Caney: info@vetprofessionals.com
  3. contact Vet Professionals to confirm the request for a telephone/Zoom consultation and to pay for this service. Payment can be made using a credit or debit card or a paypal account. A date and time (usually within one week of making the request) can then be made for a mutually convenient time.

Telephone/Zoom referrals may be covered by Pet Insurance - owners are recommended to contact their insurers first, as appropriate.


Some feeback from previous recipients of this service:

I truly believe all your advice and care has been a absolute Godsend for my sweet Misty. She is a happy cat & going from strength to strength. I am so grateful for such talented & dedicated veterinary surgeons as yourself, you’re amazing. I most certainly will be back in contact for a further consultation if needed.

– Misty's Owner

I really appreciate what you are doing to help Milly - I can tell how much you care about the cats you work with. Best £300 I've spent!

– Cat Owner

Thank you so much for the consultation today. I do feel more positive that there is much more that can be done for Mac to help with his CKD.

– Cat Owner

Thank you so much for our discussion, it helped me enormously (you cannot imagine how desperate I was!) and gave me some hope. I am so grateful.

– Cat Owner