Specialist Services for Horses

Horse Professional offers lectures and training to horse owners and veterinary professionals around the world. Areas of interest include:

Equine medicine and surgery

All aspects of equine medicine and surgery with special interest in:

  • The health of pregnant mares and foals
  • High risk pregnancy
  • Foal diseases and intensive care
  • Adult intensive care
  • Neurological disorders including ‘Wobblers’
  • Cardiology and performance medicine
  • Colic surgery
  • Equine fracture repair
  • Equine respiratory surgery for performance enhancement
  • Wound care and skin grafting
  • Reproductive surgery

Lectures and Presentations

Jennifer Stephen has presented at national and international veterinary conferences in many places including Brno (Czech Equine Veterinary Association), Prague (ECVS), Newmarket (Lifelearn CPD), Harrogate (BEVA annual congress), Red Deer, Canada (Alberta Horse Breeders Conference) and London (RVC). Jennifer has also lectured veterinary nurses at the Royal Veterinary College about colic in horses. Examples of lectures given include: “Post-operative colic care”, “Small intestinal voluvulus in the horse”, “Anatomy of the intestine with respect to colic”, “Scinitigraphy of the head”, “Septic arthritis in foals” and “Equine orthopaedic emergencies”.

Dr Kevin Corley has lectured internationally to veterinarians and veterinary nurses about foal medicine, general internal medicine, fluid therapy and critical care (in the UK, USA, Ireland, France, Italy, Belgium, Spain and Australia). Examples of lectures given include: “Maximising the use of your ultrasound”, “CPR for foals”, “Pictorial review of foal diseases”, “Mechanical ventilation in foals”, “Synthetic Colloids in Horses and Foals”, “Crystalloid therapy for diarrhea patients”,  “How to treat pleuropneumonia”, “Practical Biosecurity” and “Iatrogenic emergencies”.

Kevin has also organised and lectured in several veterinary days for the general public including “Getting a live foal” and “Foal intensive care”.

Contact Horse Professional if you wish to discuss specialist lectures, teaching or training on equine matters.


Dr Kevin Corley and Jennifer Stephen are both part of the team at Anglesey Lodge Equine Hospital, County Kildare, Ireland. Anglesey Lodge accepts both first opinion and referral cases. To make an appointment please contact the practice:

 00 353 45 521 373

Dr Kevin Corley and Jennifer Stephen are also able to offer international consultations or  advice to veterinarians - please contact them on the same number.