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Vet Professionals is helping pets and pet carers by performing research on common and important illnesses. Data gained from our studies helps to inform carers and veterinary professionals (eg vets, vet nurses, pet food and pet pharmaceutical companies) about best care. Results from our studies have influenced and educated veterinary professionals and helped to ‘lobby’ for better diagnosis and treatment of illness. Our aim is to improve the awareness, diagnosis and treatment of common and important illnesses in pets.

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Data collected in our studies is analysed by Vet Professionals. The identity of individual responses will remain anonymous in data analysis and no personal details will be passed on to third parties. 

The identity of individual responses will remain anonymous in data analysis and no personal details will be passed on to third parties. We hope that the data obtained through these surveys will help us to advise veterinarians and owners on better care of their pets.

Vet Professionals also assists other companies with designing and running Clinical Trials. Contact Vet Professionals if you would like to discuss future clinical trials.

We are currently running surveys on the following subjects:

Feline Nutrition Survey 2019

This survey is open to all cat owners over the age of 18 and is run by Rachel Barnicoat, a student at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, Edinburgh, with the aim of completing a research project into feline nutrition.

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Renal Questionnaire

A survey to determine owner experiences and opinions of incorporating a therapeutic renal diet into the life of their cat with chronic kidney disease and the support given by veterinary clinics.

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Tableting Cats Video Competition

Vet Professionals are looking for some good quality videos of cats receiving tablet medication at home. Cats are not always easy to medicate but regular medication can be an essential component of treatment for some illnesses.

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Feline Stress Questionnaire

We would like to know if your cat or cats are ever stressed, what makes them stressed, and what you do to relieve any tension that arises.

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Diabetic Survey

We would like to hear about your diabetic cats!

Complete our owner survey, supported by the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies.

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Is your kitten 8-16 weeks old?

Take part in Bristol Cats' pioneering study of cat health, welfare and behaviour.

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