Pet Surveys Help us to help pet owners and vets!

Vet Professionals carries out surveys to collect and analyse data in relation to a number of pet illnesses and conditions.

Data acquired from these studies is analysed by Vet Professionals and depending on the strength of data received, we hope to publish the results in veterinary and owner magazines.

The identity of individual responses will remain anonymous in data analysis and no personal details will be passed on to third parties. We hope that the data obtained through these surveys will help us to advise veterinarians and owners on better care of their pets.

Vet Professionals also assists other companies with designing and running Clinical Trials. Contact Vet Professionals if you would like to discuss future clinical trials.

We are currently running surveys on the following subjects:

Elderly Cat Photo Competition

Elderly Cat Photo Competition

Vet Professionals are looking for some good quality photos of elderly cats before and after successful treatment of a variety of medical conditions. To be eligible for this competition, your cat must be aged 11 years or over at the time their illness was first diagnosed.

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Feline dentistry survey

We’d love to hear your experiences of dental surgery. If any of your cats have had a dental procedure within the last 18 months, please consider filling in our online questionnaire.

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Feline Nutrition

Feline nutrition survey

We are keen to hear more about what and how you feed your cat(s). Complete our survey and get a discount off your next book!

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Diabetic Survey

We would like to hear about your diabetic cats!

Complete our owner survey, supported by the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies and supported by MSD Animal Health.

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Is your kitten 8-16 weeks old?

Take part in Bristol Cats' pioneering study of cat health, welfare and behaviour.

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If you would like to sign up to our mailings and hear about future surveys which may be of interest, please complete our Clinical Trials Registration form.