Vet Professionals cat café timetable and joining information via Zoom

We hope you can join us at one of our future cat café owner education sessions. This page contains a summary of all of the information on future planned topics and the Zoom log in information you need to access the live cat café session. ALL SESSIONS ARE AT 4PM UK TIME ON A THURSDAY. Sessions typically last 30-45 minutes in total and include a live Q & A session at the end (questions can be asked verbally or submitted by the Zoom chat box).

Zoom log in information is the same for each lecture in a given topic. Once the topic changes, the Zoom log in information also changes. The table below contains the information you need to join each of the forthcoming live sessions on Zoom.

To join a live meeting please do one of the following just before 4pm on the Thursday of the meeting you wish to attend:

  • Click on the direct url link in the table below
  • Or visit, select ‘Join a meeting’ then enter the meeting ID and password when prompted
  • Or download the Zoom meetings app to your smart phone, click ‘Join a meeting’ and enter the meeting ID and password when prompted

The meeting ID and password for each meeting are in the table below. If you click on the ics file you can download all of the Zoom information into your calendar.

All sessions are recorded with recordings placed on the video tutorials page so if you cannot attend the live session you will be able to access the recording (typically on the website within 48 hours).

To submit questions for forthcoming sessions or to suggest future topics, please contact us. Thank you for your interest in the cat café – please feel free to share this information with friends and colleagues you think may be interested.

Date Topic Talk title Zoom information
Direct url link Meeting ID Password ics file
14 May 2020 Feline hypertension What is this – why should I worry?        
21 May 2020 Assessing BP in cats
28 May 2020 Treatment and long-term outlook
4 June 2020 Feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) What causes FLUTD?        
11 June 2020 Idiopathic cystitis
18 June 2020 Tips for encouraging cats to drink more
25 June 2020 Toileting accidents and how to manage these
2 July 2020 Caring for senior cats What changes with increasing age? General care tips for older cats.        
9 July 2020 What are the common older cat illnesses?
16 July 2020 Arthritis support
23 July 2020 Cognitive dysfunction syndrome support
30 July 2020 Preventive healthcare of older cats: what’s recommended and why?