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Don't Fear the Feline!

Dr Sam Taylor and Dr Sarah Caney

£240 - £480 (including VAT)

Venue: Online, live on stated dates

Date(s): Friday 10 February 2023 and Thursday 9 March 2023

Two one-day problem-based CPD courses covering common feline presenting signs.

As life gets busier, cats as pets become even more popular, so whether you are cat-mad or feline-fearing, they are a regular visitor to your consult room. We are running two one-day online CPD days to cover some the common presenting signs owners report, and work through them to the diagnosis and treatment with a practical and first opinion slant. Cats don’t present with a diagnosis after all!

We aim to make our CPD relaxed and friendly, answering questions as we go through and covering the common and less common conditions bringing cats to the clinic with multiple case examples and ample opportunity for questions and discussion. Book one day, or both!

DAY 1 February 10th 2023: Snots and coughs, respiratory disease in cats from nose to alveoli
During this day of CPD we will discuss chronic snufflers, coughing cats and the practical approach to dyspnoea. Topics include heart murmurs, thoracic ultrasound, rhinitis and bronchitis.

DAY 2 March 9th 2023: Vomits and squits, gastrointestinal presentations, weight loss and jaundice will be amongst the topics we discuss in detail as we go through the work up and treatment of vomiting, diarrhoea, jaundice and those cats that are ‘looking a bit skinny’!

This course is suitable for recent graduates, those returning to practice, but also those who are seeing cats regularly and want to revise their approach and be updated on the latest research and therapy.

Course material supplied includes:

  • PDFs of speaker presentations used on the course
  • Open access relevant journal articles referred to during the course
  • Post course access to recordings of lectures (video and podcast format)

CPD hours: Each day is equivalent to 6 hours of CPD