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Meine Katze leidet an chronischer Niereninsuffizienz - was kann ich tun?

Dr Sarah Caney

£11.5 E-book (PDF)
£25.99 Print version (softback)

A 68 page, fully illustrated book aimed at cat owners and veterinary professionals, 2nd edition launched June 2013. In German.

Caring for a cat with kidney failure has been written as the perfect information source and support tool for a cat owner whose cat or cats have been diagnosed with kidney failure. It is also designed to be a resource for student vets, veterinary nurses and technicians. The science and emotional aspects of dealing with a diagnosis of kidney failure are addressed. The book is 58 pages long and includes colour photographs illustrating different clinical signs (symptoms) of kidney failure, diagnostic tests and treatments such as a step by step guide to safely and successfully giving pills to a cat. The book explains what a diagnosis of kidney failure means and how best to treat the condition giving your cat the best care and helping it to live as long and full a life as possible. A case study is included to show how treatment can be successful and there is a glossary of terms possibly used by your vet.